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Five Ways Libraries Can Offer Readers’ Advisory on Tumblr | NoveList | EBSCOhost


I wrote an article using Tumblr to offer RA services in libraries for novelistra

I’m a pretty recent engager of comics. When the first movie trailer for Iron Man came out in late 2007, I was vaguely aware that it was based on a comic book character. I know a lot of people who, like me, were turned onto comics by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But when Marvel decided to revamp its universe with Marvel NOW, they opened us to a whole new world of diverse characters spearheaded by some awesome writers.
from Marvel NOW is Rocking Diversity by Jessica Pryde (via bookriot)

When the library is made to be seen as a business, rather than the heart of a community or a fundamental service made possible through citizen-approved tax dollars, it makes the library expendable. That expendability then moves down the chain: staff salaries get cut, then staff withers, then more programs and projects that benefit the community — books and movies and CDs and magazines and newspapers and wifi and computer access and database subscriptions and programs for all shapes, colors, and sizes of people — disappear, too. It detracts from the unique aspects that make a library what it is: a place for all, rather than a place for some.

Libraries reach out where Netflix reaches in.

from Libraries Are Not a “Netflix” for Books by Kelly Jensen (via bookriot)
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